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Evermist Cleaning & Concierge founded by Steven Milewicz offers comprehensive cleaning services that are both professional and trustworthy. After a career as a trusted advisor to CEOs, Boards and Executive Leadership teams Steven decided it was time to own his own company. Frustrated with his experiences in the cleaning industry and unable to find a company that met the standards he sought in an acquisition, it became readily apparent that he needed to create a company from scratch which led to the birth of Evermist Cleaning & Concierge. Anticipatory by nature, proficient at ensuring excellent results, valuing personnel as well as an organization’s image, Steven has the confidence and skill set to ensure Evermist Cleaning & Concierge shall exceed the expectations of even the most challenging clients.

Steven has both a law degree and MBA. He obtained his BA in Economics from Brandeis University, a JD from Hofstra University School of Law and an MBA from NYU Stern Graduate School of Business. He has years of experience in publicly traded, private equity and family owned general and specialty contractor, energy & environment and real estate investment companies following major law firm experience. Steven is a licensed New York State Attorney.

Evermist employees are given the tools needed to impress even the most demanding clients. Professionalism is a skill used throughout the service, from the way the we greet and interact with the client to the way we clean to the way we react when something occurs. Evermist employees are trained to know expectations and provided the tools needed to exceed expectations. Our extensive training fosters a trust relationship between Evermist Cleaning & Concierge and the client. As a residential cleaning company, it’s important our clients recognize our team members for the professionals that they are.

Our steam cleaning equipment, state of the art vacuum cleaners and other equipment transforms and adds to the emphasis. We emphasize environmentally friendly products when used. We are eco-friendly and “green”. We offer:

  • Employees are trained to show professionalism through actions and conversations.

  • Service offered to meet your schedule.

  • We significantly reduce and eliminate theft and breakage concerns through a comprehensive screening and training process. We are fully insured and bonded.

  • We use state of the art cleaning equipment and standards for better results. We allow the time to ensure an intensive and quality cleaning. Our protocol is geared towards sanitizing and disinfecting in addition to typical cleaning standards.

People think clean is clean. The average person does not understand the subtle differences. Evermist Cleaning & Concierge stands out because we offer a different type of clean which includes sanitizing and disinfecting, customer service and employees become like family with our clients.

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